Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kingsbury family

Oh my, what fun we had with the 2 gentlemen and a princess again!
This session capped off a busy weekend for the kids. They were out at the zoo the day before and came to play with us right after they got home from their trip!
It is so fun to see how Ashlyn interacts with her brothers, she is just a riot!

I love how she always manages to be right in the middle of her boys! can you not just love this series???

Hello handsome dudes!

Kingsbury's - where do I start? You guys always crack me up! I love how the boys are always cool with going off and doing their own thing and Ashlyn definitely knows what she wants and precisely when she wants it....a girl after my own heart!! I've done a quick sweep through all your images and, just be prepared! There is a lot of cuteness coming your way!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jillian and Matt {married}

What a zoo of a wedding...literally! They said "I do" in front of their closest friends and family at the Blank Park Zoo! What fun it was to be in such a beautiful place and have nothing but gorgeous backgrounds to work with!

I started off at the salon with Jillian where she got her hair and make-up done. I can't decide which of these I love more, so you get to see both!

The coolest part of this wedding is that Jillian paid attention to every last detail and made sure that everything was thought of. From the personalized zoo coloring books for kids, to the chocolate penguins greeting each guest at their table to the zebra ribbon used on the cake...the list goes on and on, but believe me when I tell you each and every detail related to the zoo. It was so totally awesome and beautiful! We couldn't be at the zoo without including the animals in their portraits. I LOVE how the giraffe is totally checking them out while they sneak a quick kiss in front of him! What timing is that?!?!

This was the most relaxed wedding portrait session EVER! We had plenty of time and never felt rushed, it was just perfect! Before long though it was time for the big event. Here is Jillian coming in with her dad...

and out with her husband!

Jillian and Matt - What a beautiful wedding day you had! All the time that you spent planning every last detail did not go unnoticed and was beautiful!! We loved being a part of your special day, it was a true joy to spend the day with you and your family and friends! We cannot wait for you to see the rest of the images!
P.S. hope you had a FABULOUS time in Jamaica....ya mon! :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Troja family

This photo session set a record for us...the fastest shoot yet! 24 minutes! Why so fast? This shoot happened during the breeziest day of the in gusts of 60 m.p.h reported!!! Needless to say, it was less than perfect conditions for a shoot. Despite the weather and time, we were still able to capture some great images...

Little Ella came dressed in the same boots and vest as her adorable is this?!?

And then there is little oh my, can you say heartbreaker?

This image totally cracks me up because I asked Becky to hold Aaden up. She just laughed and said she would try. :) This is a well fed boy! He weighs a lot more than Ella did at the same age and I love how they are all cracking up!

Troja family - did we seriously do this? Yep, we did and we have images date stamped to prove it! I think this story is definitely worthy of making it in Aaden's baby book! Nothing like getting your 3 month pictures taken in tropical storm type gusts! But really, aside from the weather, your family is adorable and we loved our short time with you! Can we do it again under better conditions? You know, the kind that allows a little more time to hang out and chat?!?!

Spies family

There are days when I think I have a lot on my plate….and then I met the Spies! I’m not sure much could compare to having 4 year old (very inquisitive) twins AND a newborn! Welcome to the life of the Spies family! I think they love their newest addition to the sweet is this???

Little Dawson is such a sweet (tiny) bundle of joy! He is definitely all boy though and makes lots of noise. He was cracking me up, because I’m not sure there was ever more than a minute of silence that went by before we would start making his little baby noises again. Sooo adorable!

His sister is definitely mommy’s little helper and was always close by to help with Dawson’s beck and call.

His brother is looking to be the next Einstein. At 4 years old he is fully aware of how an ethanol plants works. Yes, true story. He questions everything….EVERYTHING! For those of you who have wondered what that “thing” is on top of my flash, don’t worry Brody has your back. He asked me what it was and wouldn’t let me off the hook until I answered….fully. It’s a flash diffuser. But then I needed to go into the gory details for him. Telling him it was a flash diffuser was not enough.

Another funny story about him was when I said, “you sweet little thing”. He said, “I’m a thing?” OK, you got me Brody….smartypants!

Spies family – I’m not sure how you do it, but you certainly do have your hands full of sweetness! Looks like you need to get Brody signed up for the next ACT/SAT, I think he’s ready for the big time already! Kennedy, you and your pigtails were just about too much to handle! You were so very sweet and helpful with Dawson…thanks for helping to keep him a happy camper!

Brockhaus family

Nathan and Jacob….way to go!!! You got your dad to come this time! I knew you could do it!

These boys brought their “A” game last time and I expected nothing less of them this time. Well, they brought it again!

I always invite everyone to bring their ideas to sessions and these guys haven’t failed me yet. Once they start, I keep hearing, “Karen, I think I have another idea.” Right on!

The boys couldn’t resist busting out their own game of football.

Brockhaus’ – Thanks for coming out again and playing around with us! You guys are great and are always up for anything! We love that!

P.S. Matt, was that perfume you were wearing? (Hey boys, was that a good one????)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Masin family

We went out to their totally rockin' farm to capture the boys in their element. Let me just preface this entry by saying boys on farm = wild and crazy times!

I loved this partial fence they had out in the middle of a field! (this was my view)

This was Eric's view of the same shot. (can you tell where he is in relation to me?) How about that for one happy mom looking at her boys! Love it!

This tree was AWESOME! It is tipped over but still living. We let the boys set this up. They kept going deeper and deeper into the tree and we were telling them we couldn't see them to take a picture. That's when they set us straight! They told us to just move over the other side and ta da! Here is what we found!

Did I mention something about wild and crazy above? I'm not really sure what we have here but it appears to be a mix between a seal on the left and goofy faces on the right. :)

You know we would never encourage such behavior. :) oh wait....then we came across this...

Brothers, I tell you, brothers....what is it about hog piles that are so fun?!?! :) Hey, as long as I'm not on the bottom of the pile...I'm all about it! hehe What fun!

Masin family - We finally found a date that worked! What a cool farm you have...after we finally made it down your lane! :) Wendy, I'm not quite sure how your heart handles 4 boys who are afraid of nothing, but we sure enjoyed our hour together! I'm not sure my heart could handle much more with suggestions of jumping from the window in the barn to the ground...or jumping from that cigar tree! YIKES! I was happy we escaped with no trips to the emergency room! hehe!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Remsburg family...

Despite harvest's best efforts to keep this session from happening, we made it work! Little Miss Blue Eyes, oh, I mean Raegan stole my heart from the instant I met her. To say she was a people person would be an understatement! The instant she saw me and I started walking over to her she reached out for me and let me hold her and walk her to where we were going to start the session! How adorable is that!?!?!

She was also a total goofball. We had the family hang out on the ground and let Raegan do whatever she wanted...she wanted to be the center of attention :) There was one point that I just had to stop taking pictures because I was laughing so stinking hard, she was totally hamming it up and I couldn't take it, my stomach hurt too much! She pulled out goofy faces, an ab workout and her stick out the tongue trick!

Remsburg's - What fun we had with you! Raegan is just soooo sweet and I am still in awe at her lightening fast recovery from the spill she took! I definitely thought we were looking at a half hour break! Our time together went far too fast, it would have been nice to have that break and just chat! :) We can't wait to see you again and hopefully it will work to bring the dogs next time...or maybe we should come to the dogs next time! :)

Slaughter family...

was one of the Ponca "newbies". There was the alumni group from our last time there and this time there were a bunch of recruited "newbies"! What fun!

Brothers, brothers, brothers! Let's just say that I was gasping a lot during this session....the boys were ALL boy and afraid of nothing! It all started as they jumped on their trikes and went straight down a big hill...I was slightly freaked, they were having a blast!

Does this image not scream BROTHERS?!?!?! It totally cracks me up!

But don't let them trick you...they really do love eachother! :)

Slaughter family - I'm so glad it worked for you to come out despite "the brotherly love incident" :) It was fun to meet you and let the boys hang and play while we captured them in their element! I can't wait to get the rest of your gallery to you!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Handsaker family...

Here’s another family we haven’t seen in a year and let me tell you...I don’t think I will ever get over how much kids grow up on us in that time! Cash was completely containable last time….not a chance this time! He is Mr. Independent and very happy to get everywhere on his own 2 feet!

Paige is now in preschool and check out what she made for us in school.

Paige is also another budding photographer. She wanted nothing more than to see the fountain at the bottom of the hill. We told her that Cash wouldn’t be able to make it all the way to the bottom of the hill and back up. (But, let’s face it, I think Cash would have had NO problem. I think it was the adults who were to fault in this case!). But we had a perfect back-up plan….Paige got to take a picture of the fountain with MY camera! Cool huh? Here is what she captured all by herself…

Impressive huh?

Handsaker’s – It was fun to have your session outside this time and not be confined by anything! Cash is definitely a boy who needs wide open spaces! Paige, you did such a good job of loving Cash and sharing that cob of corn! ☺ Can’t wait to see you again in less than a month!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Schamp family...

Thanks for welcoming us back to Ponca with open arms! What fun it was to be back with you guys (and the rest of your friends!)

How adorable is this image of Ally? Seriously, this totally sums up “4 year old girl” better than anything I could imagine…I LOVE it!

Oh and you wanted to see something that says, “I’m a totally cool dude”? Here you go!

I am freaking out over this one…I love everything about it. I love Ally hanging on to mom’s leg tighter than tight and little Connor wanting to be independent and go out on his own, yet he can’t quite let go of dad’s hand. Ummmmmm…..SO SWEET!

OK, and here’s one last one that I can’t resist. We thought we should introduce you to our future colleague…meet photographer Ally…

Schamp’s – As always thanks for getting everyone organized and inviting us back! It’s only been a few months, but Connor certainly has gotten bigger. Little Ally was just as sweet as last time! Let us know when she’s ready for he first gig and we’re ready to have her assist us! ☺

Arkovich family

This little guy has grown up A LOT since we last saw him! It’s almost been a year and our jaws dropped when we saw him walking on his own! This is when we realize just how fast time is flying!

There was no stopping him. I’m not sure he knew exactly where he wanted his final destination to be, but he did know he wanted to walk himself there. However, there was nothing like the safety of dad’s legs once he got there.

I love this one… here is his “how youuuuuu doing” look. ☺

Arkovich family – I’m so glad we got to see you again, under better weather conditions this time! ☺ We knew it had been a year, but seriously, we were just stunned by how much Cooper had grown up…he is such a little man now! So adorable!
P.S. Thanks Mike for letting us know what was going on around our a house a few weeks ago! It’s nice to have people “in the know” ☺

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Niebuhr Family...

We literally rolled into town just in time for this session. Honestly, we had quite the interesting trip back to LeMars for this session. It involved just missing an accident, an incident with ice cream at McDonalds (yes, we had to stop for a treat!) and a car packed so full, we should have had a luggage rack on top! So mom and dad met us at the park to pick up with dogs so we could start the session before the sun set....good times!

But I am happy we were just late enough to capture the kids with the sun coming through at just the right angle....LOVE IT!

The Niebuhr family's middle name should be music, band, flags....I don't know, anything music related would describe them to a T! Here are the boys with their instruments...

and the girls with their flags...

And I have to admit, I'm saving the best one as a surprise Niebuhr's. I am so excited to get your gallery to you! Let's just say there is an image that just SCREAMS your family...are you feeling the suspense yet? :) I promise it will be worth the wait...the gallery is not far behind! Until then, enjoy the sneak peak!