Monday, March 23, 2009


This session set a few different records for us. We ended up re-scheduling 4-5 times because the weather would NEVER cooperate on the right days. But let me tell you, I am SO very happy we set that record because we had a beautiful day for her session AND set another was a 4 hour session!!

Shaye just finished recording a brand spankin' new album! We had a blast hanging out with her and capturing her in her element!

We went all over the place and had lots of fun with her rockstar outfits, killer smile and super fun personality!
We had a lot of fun having Shaye spin and jump all over...I love the result above!

I LOVE these next two. I think they scream ROCKSTAR all the way!

She brought along her dog Sport who is her biggest fan. I'm told that he loves to listen to Shaye play her guitar. My heart melted.

Shaye - I cannot tell you enough how much we thank you for your extreme patience as the weather worked itself out! We had so much fun hanging out and talking with you! We cannot wait to hear you play-more than in that back alley! Good times huh?!?! But really, get us your "gig" schedule, because we are ready to be your biggest fan! We wish you ALL the best and can't wait to see where success will bring you!

Friday, March 20, 2009

New favorites...

I've spotted a couple new daddy and son favorites!!!

This kind of smile cannot be faked...Liam is LOVIN' him some daddy time!
Back to editing, but I just had to share these two!! I couldn't keep the excitement to myself...enjoy!

Monday, March 16, 2009


is such a little ham. He is generous with his thank you's and is just sweet as pie.

We started the session by meeting giraffe. Liam likes to keep life simple and call things as he sees them. A giraffe is a giraffe, no need to come up with another name. :) Man alive, do I ever appreciate that type of simplicity!

It wasn't long before we busted into full on racing. Liam was ALL about challenging his daddy to a race, so I got to sit back and capture what was unfolding before my eyes. On your marks, get set...

GO!! Looks like Liam is going to come out the winner!

After a bit of a playground break and a big walk, I took Liam's mom and dad for some mommy, daddy and baby belly pictures. Eric and Liam went off for a photo shoot of their own. Liam took this picture!

Eric told me this was really funny because they had the big 70-200 lens and were about 3 ft. from the silo that Liam wanted to take a picture of. So Eric said that they needed to shoot "up" it. Liam laid on his back and held the camera while Eric held the lens! Now I wish I would have been in the back getting a picture of that! Too funny!

This one is a surprise for mom and dad....
that is what Eric captured of Liam when we were off doing our own thing. I love it!

This one is definitely a favorite!!! Why? It captures their family of 4!! Mommy and baby on board in the foreground, super duper excited Liam and daddy in the background....yes, I am in love at all the excitement captured here!

Liam - You did SUCH a great job of making sure your thank you's were complete. Now it's our turn to THANK YOU! Thank you for keeping us on our toes and letting us know when it was time to move on to the next spot! You kept us smiling and laughing! I loved your enthusiasm for the camera, I think your love of cameras might be pretty close to our love of cameras! You are just too sweet and we loved our time with you! Can't wait to see you again!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


the more I've been thinking about the post below, I realized that it probably brought questions to your mind if your files were safe. I thought I should re-assure you that all files have been backed-up (more than once) and nothing has been lost (other than the screen!) :) Our system has worked!

The word we got today from repair is that it is the logic board (motherboard) that needs to be replaced. I'm thanking my lucky stars that we bought the 3 year extended warranty for it because the research I've done online looks like it averages $1000 - $2000 to repair on your own....YIKES!! Or would have that been a good excuse to get a new macbook pro with the cool new trackpad? Hmmmm????? :) (This is where Eric would say, Kaaaaaren......) Ask him to do it next time you see him, he's got the tone down to a certain pitch.....and then I just say, "But Eric....." and then go into some really great rationalization why what I'm trying to explain would make perfect sense. It really is quite comical. Don't you wish you were a fly on our wall?

Let this be a reminder to all....remember to create back-ups for yourself! Generally there is no warning of a just happens :(

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A little dark for my liking...

as in there are no lumens coming from my laptop screen, None, zippo, zilch, zero. I talked with Apple support and did what Eric calls "finger twister". You start up and shut down the computer multiple times while pressing 4 keys at the same time that are no where near each other....finger twister.

Conclusion = it's time to go see the Apple doctor. Now, I was always told that an apple a day keeps the doctor AWAY! So much for that theory!

We went on a hunt for a VGA to VGA cable to be able to hook the laptop up to a TV screen so I could at least do some work. Best Buy was a bust, they were all out. We were on our way to Staples when we remembered Radio Shack was on the way. They closed at 8 and it was 7:52....I bailed out of the car and ran in. I did a quick loop and didn't see one. I went and stood as close to the counter as I could just waiting to ask my question and it came out something like this...ineedavgatovgacabledoyouhavethem? He understood me somehow and even raised his arms in the air like he was as excited as I was about the find!

I do have to say it was a good thing that right before I bailed out of the car, Eric got me up to speed on the lingo... he said I needed to ask for a male to male cable. Good thing! Because the only thing in my head before that was that we needed the "pokey side" to "pokey side" kind of cable. Now wouldn't have that just been an embarrassing conversation for all involved?!?!

Bad news is that we just tried it and it won't work! :( We can get Eric's laptop to show up on a TV screen, but not mine :(

Off to the doctor we go!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our (very) big girl...

Maddoxx has not had much blog love lately. It's time to change that! Perhaps it's time for a re-introduction! This is our first "child" Maddoxx. She got her name because we found a dog we wanted to adopt whose name was Maddoxx. At the time we were living in an apartment and could not have a pet. From that point on, we always talked about having our own Maddoxx someday. Here she is!

She loves her toys (way too much)! As a puppy, she would not stop biting us. The only way to get her to stop was to play fetch with her. So we did.....and didn't realize that we were creating a monster right along with it! She will whine EVERY night, multiple times a night unless we are playing fetch with her. I need to post video of it soon so you can feel our pain....honestly it is obnoxious!

We may have already failed at this whole parenting thing. So there's the monster issue stated above....and our most recent discovery....(I'm not a bad mom, I'm not a bad mom)....we have been WAY over feeding her for at least a year!!! WHAT?!?! She's obese (there I said it!), and it's all our fault. She's had a very steady weight gain over the last year. I just kept saying, "it happens to us girls sometimes". Well it turns out it was our fault all along. Why we didn't check the food bag earlier, I have no idea. But this week we had the brilliant idea to check the food bag to see how much she should be eating.

The bag told the truth.

Our very sweet (a hem, overly obese), lovable, (cough, obnoxious) girl should only be eating 1/2 - 1 cup of food A DAY!!! Oh my goodnes, she has been eating 1 1/2 - 2 cups a day!!

Guilty as charged. She's now on a diet and not digging it.