Monday, December 29, 2008

Jacque and Gus {engaged}

this session will definitely go down as the coldest and quickest session to date! These two came from Boston to celebrate Christmas...after a few flight delays, nothing was going to stop them from getting to their destination, so they rented a car and drove through the storm rather than being stuck in an airport. Determination? I think so! :)

What you are seeing in the following images is true...that is snow, and are four bare hands, and those are two people WITHOUT their winter coats the snow - did I already mention we were IN the snow? Determination? I think so! (In case you were wondering, the photographers weren't as brave and had full-on winter gear on behind the camera!)

I LOVE these next two! They just make me want to sing "Baby, its cold outside".

But stinking cute is that snuggle?!?! LOVE it, love it, love it!

Jacque and Gus - our time together was FAR too short, but it was still a blast! We loved that you were just wild and crazy enough to trust us that an outdoor engagement session would be a great idea in the middle of December! :) You two are awesome! Can't wait to see you again!!

Oh where oh where have we been?

We took an unannounced cyber break! This fall was crazy wild beyond belief and we cannot thank all of you out there for making it such a success! We had months of non-stop activity and this last week we crashed...HARD! We crashed so hard that we even lost touch with the internet....and for those of you who know us, you know that is a HUGE change for us! Thank you to all of you who waiting patiently for me to return your emails and phone calls....thank you, thank you, thank you! And if you haven't heard from me yet, please send another message my way!

Don't worry, the rest of December did keep us plenty busy with order fulfillments, 2 weddings and a few photo shoots...we didn't slack off too much! But we are now back and refreshed!

You know what else, (and I can't believe I did this), I didn't bring my camera to ONE Christmas celebration! I have NO pictures to share with you from all the celebrations we had! I told you we crashed HARD!

Luckily we did have an engagement session last week that I will be sharing shortly! Hang on! More images on their way!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

(This is going to be a long one…buckle up and hold on for the ride!)

We had a surprise birthday party for my dad on October 11. No, your eyes are not failing you, I said October! And I am just now getting around to blogging it! YIKES!! It has been more than a little crazy around here the last few months! But we are happy to say we survived it all and have finally downloaded all the birthday pictures!

The whole family came home for the weekend. We all had various excuses for being back, but we knew all of us being back and no mention of dad’s birthday was the white elephant in the room. I quickly went into damage control and decided to have a “pre-surprise party, surprise party” ☺ We went and bought a cake and had everyone go to his brother’s house where we came out with cake, screamed HAPPY BIRTHDAY and gave him his gifts. It worked like a charm because he totally bought it, hook, line and sinker….SCORE!

The next day was the big party! Here he is driving to find everyone waiting for him…

It was a costume party of sorts. We called it a “Where’s Waldo” party and everyone had to dress up like him. Basically that means wearing camouflage, mesh shorts, graphic t-shirt or more camouflage. Check this out….you can’t make this up…the above is what he really wore that day! Camo hat and graphic tee. Hehehe!

I’ll admit it, dad is an easy target and he is often the brunt of many jokes. I won’t go into all the dad stories here, but please ask me next time, we’ll have story time. ☺

I think this next set-up was a little dig at his hunting skills. They found the Christmas deer in the shed and gathered up as many arrows as they could find. This little number welcomed him to the house. :)

He has this slight obsession with flash lights, carabineers, and fanny packs. (Yes, I said it, fanny packs!!!) Check out the fanny pack I found in his camo closet! It’s practically a body bag, it turned into Punk’s house for the night! I’m going to say it again, you can’t make this up! I was nearly reduced to tears laughing so hard after I found it!

Notice Laura’s carabineer necklace! We searched the house high and low to find every carabineer we could. It was hysterical!

Uncle Kirk was in charge of the margarita machine all night. Whoa, with him in charge, the night went blurry quickly! ☺

This was the best outfit of the night… (I have no idea how Uncle Kirk ended up with the tablecloth shirt by the end of the night…but he’s modeling it in this picture).

I couldn’t figure out why he wore a tablecloth….until I asked and this is what I found out. (are you ready, this is a good one!). It was one of his co-workers and he said that dad wears this red and white shirt to work (apparently more than he should!) and they have nick-named it his table cloth shirt! Of course we had to go find it and bring it out for the party.

Check out the evidence I captured here!! Yep, it went a tiny bit out of control (I told you, the margarita machine never stopped) and people decided it would be a great idea to TP the trees in the back yard. Oh my, yes, these are all grown adults!

If you’ve hung on this long, I’m impressed! There’s the party in a nutshell! Thank you everyone who came and made it SO much fun! And thank you Kirk and Patty for hosting the impromptu pre-surprise party! Whew, it worked perfectly!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Some blog love for the dogs

We realized that the dogs have definitely been missing out on the blog love for the last few months. Let's put an end to that tonight!
Punk is doing GREAT! He had his final check-ups and everything looks good! YAY!
Here is our naked Punk chewing on a bone...

We just couldn't stand having a naked 2.9 pound dog running around with it being so cold we got him some pajamas! Doesn't every dog need some pajamas?!?!

There, isn't that better? Doesn't he look warmer? :) Honestly we were totally cracking up over this. It was the best $5 of entertainment we have bought in a long time! He owns the pajamas when he walks around...he kinda has a girly prance going on...silly boy!

I know this next picture is terrible and blurry, but I cant help but post's the only one I have of the back of funny is it that they are made with a tail hole?! And check out the leggings on these 'jama's! What a hoot!

Oh and there's a little blog love for Maddoxx in there too...she's bringing her orange ball to me to throw it for her.

I promise this is the last one...but seriously have you not gotten a great laugh out of these pics?!?!

Our poor dogs, we just can't help ourself!