Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where have we been, what have we done?

There are no excuses world....well maybe a few. :) But the truth is this fall hit us harder than we could have EVER imagined....EVER!!! We had a blast, but when late December hit, the months of fall and all the late night editing finally caught up with us and we crashed....crashed hard!!

So here we are in 2010 and already looking towards February....wowza!! We are more excited than ever for what KandE Productions has in store for 2010! We do hope that you are part of the fun and excitement coming up!

In the meantime, I feel like we should take you on a little journey of our last month of non-blogging...

We survived the first blizzard of the winter....

scooping our way around our corner lot and double wide driveway! Yep, the snow blower decided to not start at the exact time there was an accumulation to take care of. That was fun. Blizzard + Corner lot = not a match made in heaven!

There was this....

Oh, you don't see a picture? Yeah, remember the crash I mentioned above? Well, the crash happened over Christmas and we didn't take ONE picture over Christmas.....not ONE! Our bodies just couldn't lift a camera at that point. Yikes! News Years Resolution #1: take pictures of Christmas 2010. OK, Deal.

We survived another blizzard....

Just in time to get home and sleep a couple of nights before waking up to the house being 50 degrees! So this happened (yes, just so happened during the days of the worst wind chills in years!):

Yep, the time came to replace the furnace and air conditioner. What an adventure that was!

Oops...timeline got out of place...the day before that happened, we had just purchased new flooring for our house. Timing is everything isn't it?!?!?

So this happened:

The day that happened I was stuck in the bedroom with the 2 dogs and I didn't think through my day very well. That included lunch time. I was able to make it to the pantry from the bedroom without disturbing the installers. Guess what lunch was? Cheez-its and Honey Nut Cheerios....didn't see that coming did you!?!? The 3 of us dined on a gourmet lunch for sure! We were happy when they left! Do you think Jimmy John's would have delivered to my bedroom window? I contemplated calling and asking.

OOPS...OK, so maybe this timeline is completely backwards! Let's talk about the week before the crash....this happened:

Yep, 10 inches were donated to Locks of Love. It was a lot of fun to make the donation right before Christmas and know that I was giving to a stranger!

Just to keep this fun, let's jump back into the timeline at about the time of the flooring install. We had to move all the kitchen appliances. That included the fridge with a water hook-up. As our luck would have it, the saddle valve for turning off that water line would not turn off. It involved water spraying all over the basement for a bit and a trip to Lowe's, but Eric got it didn't involve a call to the plumber! That was fun.

In more recent days, Eric has spent hours on the roof scooping the snow winter over yet?

We did get a new fisheye lens and have been having fun with that. So when all else fails it brings us good comedic relief!
(Don't let them fool you, that is love....all love!)

Well, I believe that brings us up to date just in time for 3 photo sessions happening this weekend! We can't wait! More updates to come!