Monday, January 26, 2009

One year ago...

we were on our way to a farm west of Des Moines to just "look" at a puppy named Punk. We brought Maddoxx along with us to feel out the situation. You see, just a few days before this I got puppy fever. It wasn't the first time this has happened. But every other time (fyi: we could have 20 dogs by now), Eric would ignore my pleas for another dog. For whatever reason, January 2008 was different. I sent some links of puppies to Eric and before I knew it, he was shooting links right back at me! YIKES!! There was no turning back, he was on board too!

It wasn't long before he found a tiny little puppy named Punk. We just had to meet him! As usual, once we scheduled the meeting and were on the road to see him, I got sick. The same exact thing happened with Maddoxx. I just work myself up so much wondering if we can really handle the responsibility (you now understand why there are only dogs, no kids yet?!?!). I mean, we have to remember to feed and water then EVERY day, train them how to go outside, and no more spur of the moment over night trips. YIKES! That's a big commitment, for a couple of fly by the seat of your pants type of people! :)

Despite ALL we have been through with Punk in the last year, we love having Punk in our family and couldn't have it an other way! He knows how to push Maddoxx to the limit and we have loved watching Maddoxx accept Punk more and more all the time. They are finally snuggling on the same doggy bed even though there are 2 beds to be used....progress? YES and I'm lovin'it!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tweet, tweet!

Didja see my tweet on to the right? What's a tweet you ask?
It's what you do on Twitter!
What's Twitter you ask?
It's like the status update bar in Facebook, except it's not Facebook and it's not a status's a tweet!

How can you not jump on board with something called a tweet?!?! I love it!
Basically I plan to use it to update you between blog posts. :) If there's not a new blog post to keep you entertained, there just might be a tweet...check it out!

AND if you have Twitter or Facebook let's be followers (on Twitter) and friends (on Facebook). Too much fun!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Baby Jack

was 7 months old on the day we photographed him. Jack, I think your parents are just as shocked....7 months already?!?!

We did get back down to business, here is what I like to call Mr. Serious....

My guess is that he was thinking about all he has ahead of him the next few months...his little body has plenty of changes coming its way!

I love me some family snuggle time!

Have no fear, the giggles did come out to play! How adorable is this...pure joy!

Here's a last one I could not resist because it is SO jack at this time in his life. His parents told us that he will do anything to take his socks off. My favorite story of the day was when they told us that once he gets his socks off at daycare...he'll move on and take the other kids' socks off too. Such a little helper! :)

Thank you for inviting us to your home to capture Jack in his element! We had such a great time with you and learning all about Jack! It was the perfect start to our Sunday morning! I cannot wait to get the rest of the images to you!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Schiphoff siblings

Meet our cousins...Mindy, Alex and Brett. We get to see Mindy and Alex frequently because we are all in Ames....Brett's another story. He's in Seattle. Cousin Mindy played the ultimate family card, Brett was leaving on New Year's Day and on New Year's Eve she decided she wanted to surprise her parents with photos of the kids....ultimate "family card" was played and we couldn't resist. We agreed to wake up on New Year's Day (fresh on the heals of being out until 3AM) and get our year off to a great start! We created all these images in the basement of their house....that is in the process of being finished! Cement floors, freshly textured walls, no paint, uncovered outlet holes and random rugs. Check it out! I LOVE how they turned out! I don't know what it is about this one, but my eyes cannot get enough of it! I love all the elements!

Oh, are you still wondering why we stayed out so late the night before a session? Have no fear, it is not our standard operating procedure. :) We've made a new year's resolution to remove ourself from the computer more often and socialize! Why not start the year off with a bang we thought? Stay out late with friends and get up for a session, it was perfect mix and we are happy campers!
Hey friends, put the Smidt's back on speed dial, we're baaaack!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Our final Christmas of 2008

was this past weekend. (I know, I know, we seem to have fallen off the face of the earth again!) This was the annual Hatting Christmas that always happens in January....on the worst winter weekend, it never fails. Friday afternoon we knew we had a 3 hour drive ahead of us....4 1/2 hours later we were FINALLY there! It was a marathon trip and the weather totally stunk. I was very happy to just be a passenger and able to Facebook to keep my mind off what Eric was driving through! Some of you followed my updates on Facebook...add me as a friend to get involved in all the excitement next time. :)

While I didn't take any pictures during present opening, we did all head outside for some family shots. It was the perfect setting with the fresh snowfall....but it was a little interesting getting out to the location...

We let dad and uncle Kirk brave the knee deep snow first.

Wouldn't you just die if I showed up to another photo shoot like this?!?! I didn't have to be in any of the pictures because Matt and Laura couldn't make it back so we have to have a make-up date. :) So I got away with being all "geared" up for a photoshoot. Uncle Kirk took care of me and found those beauties on my can't make this up!

Why not have a snowball fight in the middle of a photo session?

After all of that, we finally got down to are the 3 brothers (betcha couldn't tell they were brothers...oh wait!) and their wives.

Here's the baby of the brothers and his family...

And the oldest of the brothers and his family...

That leaves my dad as the middle....and our family wasn't all there. :( Here we are at Thanksgiving though!

This is how Matt and Laura joined us for Christmas this via Skype! If you have never tried it, you have to! It was really cool!

And that, my friends, brings Christmas 2008 to a close!