Friday, July 31, 2009

Jenney and Seth are married!

The start of a simply perfect wedding day!

We found some serious BLING waiting for us at the church after we left the salon  :) 

Check out these totally cool ring pouches that Seth's mom made for them.  Yep, these are worthy of having two rings shots on the blog!  

AND then we found the shoes...and I think I the church, yep, I screamed with excitement in the church when I opened the box to find!

Yep, they deserve double the blog lovin'

The wind may have gotten a little out of line from time to time throughout the day, but I can't complain too much when it gave me this picture perfect moment!

The vows...such sweetness...

The fabulous girls!

The awesome guys!

The picture perfect bubbly exit!

Jenney and Seth - Great day, great fun, great family, great friends, great love!  So much fun to be with you all day capturing every moment!  Hope St. Lucia was GREAT and you had the time of your life as husband and wife!!!  I said, husband AND wife....woohoo!!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Desiree {class of 2010}

Desiree brought a closet of clothes to choose was awesome!  This girl has S...T...Y...L...E!
I could have shot her all day long in this little red number she brought along complete with the RED heels!!  I finally forced to go change because I could have easily filled a 4 gig card with only the red heels!  

Her fantastic style continued with the little black dress.....ohhhhh my...smokin' hot!  Boys, back on up, we saw her dad do a stance that would scare any bear out of the woods!  I think he might say you wouldn't want to mess with his baby girl!
Seriously, stop it are making the task of narrowing down all your images too hard!  You are beautiful!

We loved her goofiness she brought!  She had us busting a gut!  She's a cheerleader and I can only imagine the amount of positive energy she brings to the team....spirit fingers!


Desiree - What a pleasure to meet you and hang out for a few hours!  We loved the energy you brought to the session!  I can't wait to get through the rest of your images, I think we may have captured every single facial expression you have ever made!  Your parents bring out the best in you!  :)  We wish you all the best this year...have soooo much fun! 

Friday, July 24, 2009

ohhhhhhhh, fun find!

Yep, just found this picture taken back in February!  About the only thing I remember about this picture is that it was stinking cold!  I don't remember how we took it though!  Was it on a timer?  Mindy were you behind the camera?  Eric thinks Laura took it.  I seriously can't remember, it was far too long ago!  
So anyway here we are.  My brother, me and my hubby.  (hmmmm, that may have been the first time I've used the word hubby...weird.  I think Eric is always Eric....sometimes honey, other times Eric.  Yep, I think it's just Eric or honey, I will never say hubby again...mark my words)  

I think we save up all the nicknames for Punk....let's see Punk has about a million names....or something close to that.  Ready?  Here I go...
Dunk-a-dunk (seriously I don't know what's with all the dunk's!  Can it stop already?!?!)
P  (yeah, I put an immediate end to it when Eric busted out P-P the other day to get his attention!  I politely asked that we never let that slip out again in reference to our little dog!)
I know I'm missing many.  Honestly he is called all of these once a's ridiculous, we know!

Oh yeah and don't ask why they all came to be, because I have no idea!  The only thing I know is that it happened, he seems to be happy with his life with multiple alias', and he answers to most!  They are here to stay!

Maddoxx, yeah, she only has 2 names and we never make up any additional ones for her.  She is either Maddoxx or Sweetie.  That's it, she prefers to keep things simple.  I take that back, there are times that she is called sister.  But no more....our house has no more room for name confusion!

Come to think of does make perfect sense that Punk's name is complicated....he is the most complicated one in our family!  For awhile he seemed to be one medical complication after another!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Totally fun wedding entrance!

We were in no way affiliated with this wedding, but the video has gone viral around the internet recently and I couldn't resist sharing.  If you are willing to do an entrance like this, WE want to capture it!!  I would think I had died and gone to heaven if we could capture something like this...priceless!

I LOVE how all the guests seem unsure in the beginning and then they start totally digging it and clapping and bopping along.  Such a great way to set the tone for the rest of the day!  I love the idea!!  It puts a gigantic smile on my face!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Madeline and Jack

Are growing before our very eyes!! Remember when Jack was only 4 months old?

Miss Madeline and her curls are still as cute as ever!! She showed us around her Nano’s (that’s Madeline talk for Grandma) garden and the special spot Nano created just for her!

Jack is now on the move and crawling! He was doing the funniest thing when his daddy put him in the grass. He has abs of steel I’m telling you! When he sat in the grass he woulnd’t let any part of his body touch the grass besides his bottom! I honestly had to stop taking pictures because I was laughing too hard!

How adorable is this family?!?! Serious amounts of cuteness!!!

Chad, Sara, Madeline and Jack - as always it is great to see you again and hang out! It was a perfect night to capture your adorable family! Your kids never have a problem cracking me up and putting a big 'ol smile on my face. I absolutely loved that you emailed me Madeline's story about your conversation, she is just tooooooo stinking sweet for words! And a big thank you to Nano for sharing your gorgeous garden with us again! My oh my, I continue to have major green thumb envy!

P.S. You know you are on-location photographers when you travel on roads marked like this to get to a session! Not long after this sign we spotted a deer that ran in the middle of road and led us straight to Nano’s garden! Nano told us that the deer love to eat her flowers and that we should have just hit the deer. Sorry Nano, we didn’t take one for the team this time around! ☺

I just loved this sign so much I couldn't resist taking a picture! Enter at your own risk.....hehehe!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Joe {class of 2010}

Joe is the center for his football team and vital golf player who is looking for a second run at state this year!

We started out with Joe on the football field. I told him that I would ask him what he played, but I would have no idea what he was talking about anyway. He laughed. His mom assured me I would understand his position. He told me he played center. Yeah, that meant nothing. And then Joe, his mom and Eric all broke it down for me. Ah, yes, the center is the “hiker”. Yeah, I get it, hut, hut, HIKE! That’s who he is! ☺ Center….no, Hiker…..yes!

And then he got his new wheels out! Shiny and sparkly new car for this senior!

Joe and his team are looking to rock state this year in golf. They came in 6th last year and only lost 2 seniors on the team.

Joe – We wish you all the best in your senior season sports!! Have so much fun and keep on keepin’ on with that hiking business! ☺ Here’s to lots of birdie’s and a few eagles during your golf season!

Sarah {class of 2010}

Sarah was the winner of one of our after-prom senior portrait packages! We love that our business allows us to donate to various causes and we get even more excited when we get to meet the winners of those donations!

Sarah just happens to be the catcher on the high school team that my aunt coaches and my cousin plays on. We have seen Sarah behind the plate in her full-on catchers gear. You gotta admit, catchers look pretty fierce behind the plate! They’ve got the rocket arm to throw to second and are trying to intimidate runners as they try to steal. Anyway, that whole description….yeah, that’s not Sarah, she is the sweetest girl in the world! I think the catcher in her might just be her alter-ego!

We knew from the first image we captured that we were going to have to tire her out before we were going to get an type of serious face out of her! Smiling….yeah, that’s her thing!

We did get her to rock the serious for fleeting moments here and there though!

We found an alley and some interesting inhabitants, but we braved it anyway! I am totally digging her rocked out attitude AND reflection in the puddle! Saaaaweetness!

Sarah – What a joy to hang out with you! Loved the van closet/changing room! We had so much fun giggling and hanging out! We are not biased or anything, but here’s 2 votes for you to go to UNI!! Join us in the alumni club in 5 years! ☺

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Breanne {class of 2010}

Breanne has spent many summers in Yankton, SD with her family and wanted her senior pictures there as well….and we were game! Eric and I have never stepped foot in Yankton before, but we sure made some tracks during this session!

We hiked to the top of a hill and found this little gem of a place!

It wasn't long before we we found the beach and what better place to be with a perfect little white dress and cowgirl hat?!?! I can't decide which of the next two are my you get to see both! :)

‘Tis the season for boating….we went out on a boat again for more photo fun! Yankton has the coolest bluffs along the river so we took the boat up to the cliff! Bre’s dad was a rockstar and got out in the river to hold the boat in place so we would be in perfect position to capture Bre on the bluff! Cool stuff huh?!!?
There are so many more stories I could tell from the time on the cliff, but I won't go into details here. Trust me, there were plenty of laughs!

To top the session off, we were coming off the river around sunset and came upon a family in a pontoon that broke down. We hooked them up to our boat and off we went with a pontoon in tow! It took every ounce of restraint I had to not take a picture of the adventure. But I figured they may not appreciate me documenting their sorry little story! Serious amounts of good times we had out on the river!

Bre, Sherri, Brian and Austin – What a day!! I have to admit, I was laughing when we made it home…this is the first session where curfew may have been broken getting home just before midnight! Thanks for showing us all around Yankton, Austin thanks for not losing us on the way up there and Bre we wish you ALL the best as you begin your senior year! Live it up girl!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Egli family

Meeting this family has been a long time coming! They were first in touch with us last fall and we were so excited that we finally got to meet them! A face meets the cement incident a couple weeks ago and the rain last week almost kept us apart, but quick healing skin and parting stormy skies made for the perfect session!

Braden wasn’t so sure about us in the beginning. He wasn’t so sure about my high 5’s so he had to first give one to his mom and then his mom could pass it on to me. I’m happy to say that by the end he was happy as a clam to share a high 5 with me...and he thought about sharing in a water fight too!

Little Samantha came wearing the coolest squeeking sandals! But I have to be honest, they sounded just like our dog toys at home! They said their dog pays no attention to them. But I know for a fact that our dog Maddoxx may lose her mind if we had those shoes around our house!

I couldn't resist sharing this animated series....soooooo cute!
myspace graphic is done on

This session was at the train depot and boy oh boy was it ever an active depot!! The trains run a plenty! Braden could hear a train coming from FAR away! The instant he heard the noise, his ear muff’s went on and Samantha grabbed her dad and put on the sweetest scared/pouty face you have EVER seen!!
See, I told you!

Egli’s - What fun it was to finally meet you! I have never run away from so many trains in my life, thanks for sharing the adventure with us! Be prepared...there are sooo many more pictures coming your way!! :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nick and Kendra: part 2

Not only did we start their engagement session on a boat in the middle of the lake, we had a 2 day session with them! Yep, that's right, they woke back up in the morning to hang out with us some more!
And boy did we have fun!

This one I call my paparazzi shot....This was me....

and this is what I saw through my lens....pretty cool huh??!?!

Eric later told me that I was sitting next to a hole in a dead tree trunk, he said, "you know there was something living in there." Uh...I guess I go to all lengths to get what I want! :)

OK, back to the cuteness of Kendra and Nick...

They are both die hard baseball fans....they just don't cheer for the same team!
Wonder why they are sitting so far apart? The number on the seat between them is "10" and the two seats next to Kendra are numbered "1" and "7". Their wedding is October 17! Awesome!

Kendra and Nick - Thank you for spending so much time with us and letting us capture your love! You two are adorable together and we are sooooo excited for your wedding !

Monday, July 6, 2009


Oh my I am not quite sure where to start with Connor! We were all over the place with him and he was completely oblivious to the fact that we were actually taking pictures of him!

Seriously, he definitely had better things to do at the park than take pictures! After awhile we made it to the playground and you should have seen his eyes light up when he saw the slide!! I could have sworn we were in a candy store....yeah, his eyes twinkled THAT much!

I am loving the old school vintage feel to this one!

Connor gave up his bear for a football not too long ago....and his mom says he hasn't looked back since!

Connor - Thank you for coming to play with us! Even though you beat all of us in the race we'd like to challenge you again! I'm going to start training and I think I can do it next time around! It was fun exploring the park with you and we can't wait to do it again!