Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sesker family...

The whole crew came out for a family shoot! I am always amazed when we do BIG family shoots. I love to think about why we are there and the only reason we are able to be there to capture them is because 2 people fell in love...and now they are BIG family of 14! I love it, so cool! Gary and Judy, check out what you started...beautiful!

The 3 sisters that helped the family grow to what it is today...

The other cool thing about this family is that 4 of the 6 kids are all around the same age! How fun! And the furthest one family lives from the other is just 20 minutes! Talk about a tight family!

But there's only 5 kids in the above image? You're right! Here's the other little guy... (remember seeing him when he was 3 months old?)

This is going to be a first for us...we're going to share a "behind the scenes" sneak peak! Check out all the help we had to get the image above!! :)

This image so totally 100% makes me giggle every time I look at it! It is just hilarious, but the second funniest part of it is that Eric thought it would be funny to capture it...and he did! See me in the left corner? SEE, I'm working! How am I ever going to get that boy to stay on task?!?! :) But I guess I can't say too much...because I really do like what he captured here! :)

Thank you Sesker family for coming out and letting us capture you! I hope you had tons of fun celebrating Jaden's birthday after the shoot! Jaden, I'm still waiting to hear what was on your birthday list!

The Schwarck family...

came to play with us! The first time we saw them this year, it was a surprise session for daddy, the second time we saw them it was for the arrival of little Maci Mae and now she's 6 months old!

She sure has grown up a lot, but she is still a tiny little peanut! And she still has that little button nose that I melted over the first time I saw her.

Maddie, Maddie, Maddie...is all I can say! She is a smart little cookie and she totally knows better than to fall for a little bribery! :) I challenged her to a race to the candy...that wasn't enticing enough...so I challenged her to a race to the gum. Gum was definitely the ticket...but the only thing she got upon winning, was candy...no gum. Don't worry, she tattled on me. :) Like I said, she's a smart little cookie!

Amber, I totally have to tell this story, because I'm still cracking up over it.
I asked Amber if she wanted to see a sneak peak on the blog. Well, the answer I got was not passive or just a "yeah", but more like, um...heck yeah! She told me that if she could hack into my computer to see the images sooner, she totally would! :) Ok, ok, ok...I think I get the point....sneak peak needed ASAP! Save the computer, give her a sneak peak, save the computer, give her a sneak peak!

Schwarck family - Thank you for coming to Ames and for letting us hang out with your sweet girls again (and you too!). I'm not sure that I will ever stop laughing about Maddie and how she is so specific about her needs at any given moment. :) And little Maci, I'm not sure she could get any quieter! Such a sweetheart!

P.S. To Aunt Shelby - major bonus points to you on the outfits*! Loved them! :)

*No dress was harmed in the making of this image. (Although I cannot vouch for either of the girls' tights by the end of the session!)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Email problems!

YIKES!! We just found out that our email provider has been having problems with its mail forwarding "feature". UGH! So that means that some emails sent through the contact us page on our website or sent directly to karen@kandeproductionsonline.com have not been getting to me.

It appears that it has been happening since last Monday and maybe even before. So if you have sent me a message and have not heard back from me, please know that I am not ignoring you! :) Please don't hesitate to email me again to get your name at the top of the inbox so I am sure to know I missed your email!

I will be working on figuring out who I have missed tonight and will be in touch soon!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Can it get much cuter?

Check out the puppies we got to hang out with during a session today!

I have a confession about this post. I really thought about leading everyone along and only asking you what you thought we did today and post the puppy picture along with it. Then I thought of my mom...I didn't think she could ever recover from thinking we went from a 2 dog house to a 4 dog house before bringing babies into our house! :) Too bad it wasn't closer to April fools...I just may have done it! :)

(On a side note, I still think there are 2 left of this litter that need to find a home. If you are looking for a beautiful black lab...shoot me an email and I'll get you the info!)

Enjoy these sweet little puppy faces....more families to come very soon!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sara and Tod {married}

They did it, they said "I do" and are now husband and wife! 15 hours has never passed by so quickly than it did on their wedding day! We captured both photo and video and there was never a dull moment!
They wanted all their portraits on the golf course...I'm not sure the scenery could get much better?!?!

Here's a sneak peak at their first meeting. Do you think he's just a little tiny bit excited to turn around...see Sara coming in the background???

Check out their expressions just after seeing each other!

Tod lined up plenty of golf carts to get the wedding party anywhere we wanted to go on the course...it was a blast!

I don't know, what do you think? Do they have enough friends? :) Check out the size of their wedding party...impressive!

Have I mentioned how much fun we had?

Sara and Tod - thank you for letting us capture your day in both mediums - photo and video! You two are absolutely adorable together, I am so happy we were able to be a part of your wedding! I can't wait to get your gallery to you very soon!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hartwick family...

had a lot to celebrate at their session! It was their 5th anniversary AND they just found out they are expecting baby #3!! Whoa, they have a lot going on...with their 2 very busy girls on top of all the other great news!

Hello beautiful girl!

She definitely won the title of little Ms. Observant. We explained to her at the beginning that she could ignore the big camera and to just pay attention to be and my small camera. We even let her take a few pictures with it. We didn't think twice about there being confusion when Eric and I switched camera's later on. Little Ms. Observant was definitely confused! She kept asking me, "why do you have the big camera?" This was a first! We've never had anyone ask us why we switch...there is nothing getting past her! Good luck mom and dad!! :)

Love that smile!

Did someone suggest we bust out a little family ring around rosey? (You know, I think that is the first time in my life I have ever typed it...it feels so weird to write it instead of sing it!) You are singing it now aren't you?!?! :)

These girls knew they were headed to Hickory Park right after the shoot for some ice cream...between the thought of ice cream and plenty 'o candy from us, we kept them going for quite awhile!

Hartwick family - we are so happy it worked out to have your session on your anniversary! Betcha never would have guessed when you got married that you would be spending your 5 year anniversary with KandE Productions! :) Thank you for playing with us! I hope you all fully indulged in the ice cream...you worked hard and deserved every bite! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friedel family...

It was so fun to take these family pictures. Eric and Aaron played on the same summer softball league so we got to see them every week. Since softball ended we have not seen them. It was so fun to hang out again! Little Aidan was so cute, when he saw us, he came running as fast as his little legs could go and gave me a big hug!
I'm not sure that a smile could get any more genuine than this!! All smile with her 2 little teeth...soooooo sweet!

We met at what the Friedel family affectionately refers to as "Aidan's park". :) He even has his very own special tree in this park! :) (And it just so happens to be a fabulous place for a family portrait...I love it when my little friends think of my needs when picking their favorites at a park!)

I'm pretty sure Amy said something about not having any luck with Aidan smiling at all the other photo sessions they have tried. Sorry Amy, I'm not buying it! I think you may have told a little tiny white lie...because I'm having quite the time sorting thorugh all of the images I have of Aidan smiling and laughing!

Aidan is a dancing MACHINE...check out a few of his moves in action!

Friedel family-Thank you for hanging with us and showing us Ella's new trick...walking! Last time we saw her she was still trying to get steady on her feet....and now she's walking! Aidan you are an awesome dancer and singer! I was totally cracking up because he suddenly seemed so grown up as he was busting out the lyrics to songs! Can't wait to hang out again...before next softball season!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Little Miss Quinn...

came out on a chilly September morning to let us capture her!

Last November we donated a session to an auction for a fundraiser and we never heard who won it. That was until Quinn's mom called a few weeks ago to set up a session! Her mom bought the session on the auction while she was pregnant and has been patiently waiting to use it. We were totally pumped to hear that they were ready!

It was a perfect cloudy day and fabulous way to get our day off to a start!
Quinn's parents told us that they measure he happiness by how much she bounces. The bouncier her legs get, the happier she is. Let me tell you, it was totally hilarious to watch it in action!

We set her on a blanket all by herself and she was seriously bouncing so much and so high it looked like she was just going to stand up! I could not stop laughing!

Sauer family - Thank you for coming out to play with us despite the chill in the air. :) Quinn was such a trooper and fought through her cold to give us just the smiles we needed! We will be in touch soon!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Renaud family...

fought the chilly air perfectly with adorable vests and jackets!

I was a little worried about how cold we would all get...yeah, there was no need to worry...not when you race the kids and play tag throughout the session. I should have been more worried about overheating!

In case you were wondering how old Owen is..

This was hilarious, because I asked him how old he was and he held up all ten fingers. With a little help from mom, he was able to get it down to just three. :)
Miss Grace is definitely a fashionista! Half way during the shoot, she needed to change her boots to be on the outside of her pants...um, hello...totally adorable!

Garrett is fully prepared to be the next Abercrombie model...check this stud out!

Renaud family - whew, I really didn't know I had that much running in me! Thank you for playing along with me and totally pooping me out! You rock! I can't wait to hear what Pez characters you each got! :)

It's not our fault...

but perhaps we were an accomplice.

Let me preface this story by saying that if you are not serious about making a big purchase, do not bring the idea up around us...because we will act on it!

It happened to uncle Kirk when he told us he wanted a digital SLR camera...next time he came to our house, we spent his money and got him exactly what he needed (well, what WE thought he needed anyway!)

It happened again this weekend. Eric's grandparents thought they were going to go to the Farmer's market...instead they went home with a new laptop and ALL the accessories!

They brought the idea up of getting their first computer about a month ago. Of course Eric and I thought it was a great idea and were ready to go shopping! They held us off and told us the next time they visited, we could help them look.

Eric and I totally forgot about the conversation until we were eating supper with them Friday night and we were figuring out what to do on a rainy Saturday. Then it came to me...we NEED to go computer shopping! There is no turning back now!

An idea, some moolah, and a trip to Des Moines later, we got them set-up with a brand spankin' new laptop! Grandma may have just turned 70 but she is ready to rock and roll...wi-fi is the next on her list of things to get set-up!

Honestly, I have never seen anything further from buyer's remorse than I did this weekend! They were so giddy about the laptop, it was SO much fun to help them make this purchase!

The moral of the story is that you can never say we didn't warn you...don't tell us you are ready to make a purchase unless you really are...because we'll have your money spent before you know it! :) We have a severe weakness for technology and can't resist the opportunity to purchase!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

You might be wondering where we have been...

working hard!! We have so many images to share with you but we are frantically trying to stay caught up and the blog has taken a back seat...yikes!!

I just came across another image of the VIPER and I'm slightly obsessed!! I love the vintage feel...with the uber cool modern car...such a juxaposition and I've fallen in love!

I had to post to let you know that we are still here and to let you know to keep checking...updates will be coming, I PROMISE!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Marcia & Brent {married}

That's right, they tied the knot last weekend in Monticello!
It was a gorgeous weekend! Nice and hot just like every Labor Day weekend should be!
Here's a little sneak peak at their first meeting...

There was a cute little park across from the hotel where everyone stayed and got dressed. It was the perfect setting for wedding portraits despite the plant sale we worked around. :) I loved everything about this park. It was lush, shady and beautiful!

Their wedding day transportation was this hot little red number called the VIPER!

They had such a rockin' dance. Honestly, from the moment the first song played, the floor was packed! Does it look like they were having a blast or what? You decide...

Brent and Marcia - Congratulations!! We had so much getting to know you, laugh with you and capture your special day! We wish you all the best as you begin your life as husband and wife! I can't wait to get the rest of the gallery to you!

Monday, September 1, 2008

My name is Karen and I suffer from "discomgoogolation"...

Eric sent me this article.

It's true, he knows it, I know it, we all know it so I might as well make it public :)

I am in LOVE with google! Honestly, he has helped me out of too many jams to mention...how am I not suppose to have a love for him when he's there at my beck and call, anything I want, he answers....within nanoseconds.

I mean, there are nights when I ask Eric a question and I have to say "hello?" to check and see if anyone is there before I'll get an answer. This is SO not the case with google...an answer within nanoseconds I tell you, nanoseconds! I love him!

But what does all of this say about Eric, after all, he is the one who found the article...using google! (I think I'm not the only one in this house with a problem!)

(Don't get confused when you discover who founded google. It was Eric Schmidt not my Eric Smidt.) :)

Alright, confess it ladies and gentlemen...who suffers from "discomgoogolation" right along with me? I know you're out there...don't leave me hanging here all alone!