Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jacque and Gus {married}

What a wedding day!! This day was full of love, hugs, kisses and tradition!


It started with their engagement when Gus asked Jacque to marry him and presented her with his great-grandmother’s engagement band!

Here are just a few of the detail shots...

Tradition continued when they decided not to see each other until Jacque walked down the aisle! Oh the suspense!

As each woman walked into the ceremony they were greeted with a handmade fan from Nicaragua…beautiful and perfect for a non-air conditioned church in the summer!

Most of Gus’ family is from the East coast and it was such a testament of their love for him to have so many friends and family travel to Iowa for their special day. One friend even came from Hawaii to present them with wedding lei’s! Cool!

We had to have pictures taken with the Iowa corn and it got crazy! Only in Iowa can you replace your wedding bouquet with an ear of corn! How funny!

Jacque and Gus – what an AWESOME wedding day! We are so happy to have been a part of it! We loved witnessing all the personal touches you added to such a special day, the rings, fans, cigars, trolley of friends and family, it was perfect!

Jerad {class of 2010}

Jared is living with Maddie and Maci’s family as he helps them on the farm. Jared is a heartbreaker. We heard that he turned down Maddie’s proposal for marriage. I have a feeling Maddie has marriage on the mind because her Aunt Shelby is getting married in a few months! Isn't that just the cutest?

We were able to see past that minor hiccup and get on to hanging out with him! You know how much I love cars converted to closets. Well, Jared’s mom brought along enough changes of clothes that likely wouldn’t fit in a California Walk-In closet! Ok, ok, so maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration. But really, his choice of outfits definitely was larger than any we’ve seen yet! J

Jared’s family raises horses in Minnesota. It is a gigantic operation and they have over 100 horses! But he has been in Iowa for the summer showing horses with Maddie and Maci. It was so fun to incorporate Nikita. I asked him why he chose Nikita out of all the horses and he simply replied, “because she’s awesome!” I have to agree, she was awesome and did a great job as she went all over with us!


Jared – I am so happy we were able to capture your senior portraits for you! We had so much fun hanging out and learning more about the horse world! Thank you for feeding our brains! We hope you come back to college here and we get to see you more!

Maddoxx the Drama Queen...

Betcha didn’t even know they existed didja? Well, they do. Come live with us, you will get first hand experience. We’ve been fairly absent this week from everything. Why? We’ve been dealing with Maddoxx who has always had a little flair for the dramatic side, but this week she took it to a level that we didn’t even knew existed! Let me attempt to explain…get ready, it’s going to be long!

On Monday night Eric took her out to play fetch in the big green space. He launched her favorite toy and she took off after it and ended up taking a hard left. (And this is where the drama begins.) She immediately held her back left leg up and wouldn’t walk on it. Eric carried her home and by the way he said my name when he walked in the door I knew there was an issue. Yep, Maddoxx won’t use her leg….refuses. She is refusing to walk and do her business outside. None of the above. This means that she will only lay on her pillow.

At this point we are VERY concerned because you all know of our leg problems with Punk! We’ve already fixed 2 broken legs on him and always said Maddoxx was our strong girl. She was the last one we expected to have leg issues! Low and behold she has now thrown us into the world of fixing her leg. At this point we are carrying her everywhere and carrying her outside BEGGING and PLEADING with her to please just “go”. Nothing.

We go to the vet the next day for an exam and xrays. Nothing is broken….yahoo!! But she does have patella luxation, which means her knee is slipping in and out and causing her to hold it up. We decide to just let her rest it out and schedule another appt. for Monday to talk with the doctor who has more experience with patella luxation. This is Wednesday. She still hasn’t done her business since the incident! We get to the 24 hour point and we are so worried about her. It took her 36 hours before she finally woke us up at 3:30am to go out. FINALLY!

But the drama continues, she still refuses to move on her own. We are carrying her everywhere and begging her to continue to do her business. Nothing. She’s going 24-36 hours between each duty. UGH!!!

So we bring her back in on Friday, we don’t think it can wait until Monday as she’s not interested in food, water, or anything that she usually loves. As this point we are assuming we will hear nothing other than “it’s time to schedule surgery”. Dreading it!

**This is the point where the big queen gets BUSTED!**

The vet is checking her out and finding NOTHING to be real concerned about. She said she’s seen much worse. She estimated Maddoxx’s severity at a 2 on a scale of 4. Guess what folks? It just so happens that Punk has patella luxation as well and his severity is a 2 too!!!!!! He’s getting along perfectly fine. At this point in the appoitment, I no longer refer to her as Maddoxx, I call her Drama Queen. So then the vet put her on the floor to walk. She walks…..JUST FINE! Then the vet gets the treats out! Yep, she sure sits pretty for the vet! I’m pretty sure the vet could see the smoke coming out of my ears at this point when I realized Ms. Drama Queen has been playing us ALL week!

I don’t doubt that it hurt when she did it, but seriously, she has taken the drama too far and I can’t believe she suckered us into it! She’s a dog for crying out loud and she totally pulled one over on us!!

Her current status is about 80% drama queen and 20% normal. She’s still not walking all over like normal. It just depends on what we are doing if she will walk. For instance if we are willing to give her Punk’s food, she’ll walk to get it. If we ask her to go outside to do her business, nope she won’t walk.

Wish us luck as we attempt to remove the Queen from her thrown and get back to getting work done.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Keatin is 1

and celebrated her birthday the weekend before her photo session with all of her family! I asked her mom if they needed to build on a new room to house all the gifts from the big day. She kind of gave me a funny look and said, "Did I tell you we are finishing our basement?" Nope! But I guess, it's true! They built more room for Keatin's toys!

Keatin is a snuggler! Sitting by herself on the ground was not near as great as being snuggled by her parents! And really, who can blame her?!?

She did allow for a few seconds of time all by herself while she rocked the tutu. :)  Awesomeness!

We all enjoyed a little break while Keatin topped off her tummy.  But seriously, how cute is this?!?!  At this age, she's never too far from her sippy cup and snack cup.  This image captures this stage in her life perfectly, I LOVE it!!
Keatin - I love that you are learning your words and ways to communicate, but are in no rush to take those first steps on your own! It was so fun to meet you and hang out with you for awhile! We can't wait to show your parents the rest of the images from your session!

Friedel family

has grown since the last time we captured them! They have added another little girl to their family!

Meet Olivia! The littlest one in this family and she is pure sweetness! 

We had to cover Olivia's daddy up with this backdrop on this incredibly humid, hot and sticky beautiful evening. She loves to be held upright and loves to smile for you know who was placed where for this picture! :)

Aidan is a great big brother to his sisters! I'm lovin' how Aidan is holding on tight to little Olivia and Ella is going in for a big smooch!!

He rocked the shoot with a few images being solo too...

Ella, Ella, Ella....I just always have to say her name 3 times when I see her. I don't know what it is, but to me she is Ella, Ella, Ella. I think it's the nonverbal's she throws off that makes me do it. The more you say her name, the better her facial expressions get. See...
She totally acts like she doesn't hear you and the more you say her name she goes from a coy little smile to a full on teethy smile and I can't get enough of it!

Ella totally looks up to her brother and copies what he does.  Check it out, she is totally studying his every move here and it brings a big smile to my face!

And I can't let you go without sharing a little mommy and Olivia cute!

Friedel family - as always it was great to see you and capture your adorable family! We are going to miss seeing you every week at softball for sure!  Thank you for sharing your sweet faces with us again!  We love to hang out with you guys and play with the kids!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


We are back!!  There are far too many stories to tell from this trip, in the mean time here are just a couple of images from the trip!


This was the sunset last night in Cabo.....b...e...a...u....tiful!  Tonight we were someplace between Phoenix and DSM...not quite the same!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mya and Mea

Remember these adorbable tutu wearin’ girls?  They are officially ONE now....and still lookin' adorable in their new tutu's!!  We were lucky enough to be able to capture their partaaaay!

It wasn’t long before they each got their own camera time...and I'm going to be the first to admit, I cannot tell them apart.  They are as identical as identical comes, it is wild!  I had to admit to their mom that I just couldn't tell them apart and I had to know if I was the only one with this issue.  Whew, rest assured, outside of the immediate family and babysitter, there are plenty who share in my confusion!  She even admitted that it is difficult in pictures to tell them apart!  Thank you for putting my mind at ease Lacey! 

And then it was time for cake!!  1st birthday party cake….it doesn’t get much better than that!

These girls did not disappoint in the cake smash....they definitely smashed and smashed some more.  Check it out...daddy thought they needed to smash even MORE...he was getting in on the action!  

Mya and Mea -  Your mommy definitely knows what makes me happy and she picks out the perfect clothes for your sessions!  I am obsessed with tutu's and they just keep getting better!  I promise I am going to try to get better at keeping you straight...but will you forgive me until that time comes???  You two are just so stinking sweet and we feel so honored that we have been able to capture little snippets of your life!  We can't wait to see you again!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Amber and Braden {Class of 2010}

They could play the seven (or is it six) degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon...well, except, Kevin Bacon would have to be changed to KandE Productions.  But whatev.  They know FOUR other families that we have photographed in the last year!   This one and this one and here are their cousins, oh and here are a couple more of their cousins!)  We absolutely love hearing how people find us.  You can about imagine how EXCITED we were to hear they knew quite a few other people that we have captured!  How fun!

OK, onto the reason they came to hang out with us…for their senior portraits!  We absolutely love our seniors and have such a great time with them.  We don’t even need to bribe them with pez, they just go along with our wild and crazy ideas!  It can’t get much better! 

Amber is a true beauty.  She was in and out of her mobile dressing room in a matter of seconds….like seriously I have never seen a girl be able to change soooo fast!

Braden, well, we’re told he’s always the one the family is waiting on.  His mom said they will all be in the car ready to leave and Braden is always missing….finishing getting ready.  J  But it's all worth it as these images are seriously poppin'!!  Yeah, Braden, I said poppin'.  YOU were poppin'!  (P.S. I finally figured out the song it was in ("it was poppin' sweet")'s a Kelly Rowland song)

When I saw that Braden had a tie, I knew we had to do the brother/sister fighting thing…just to bring back some memories….of the good ‘ol days!  J

Amber and Braden – What a GREAT session we had!  The weather was perfect and we had a great time talking and learning more about your future plans.  Yeah, go PANTHERS!!  I’m not quite sure how your family is going to keep up with both of you in your senior year full of activities but we wish you all the best.  Have soooo much fun!  See you in the fall again!