Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Can I get an AMEN?

So it's no secret that Maddoxx is a diva. It's also not a secret that we are probably to blame for many of of her behaviors. She gets everything she wants and we're finding that having a diva dog takes a lot of work and quite frankly can get irritating when she won't stop whining until she gets what she wants. She is relentless. But we still love her. She has brought so many smiles and laughs to our life we don't know what we'd do without her!

My parents neighbors at the lake realized just how much she was a diva when she made herself get sick when we went on vacation and my parents drove the 6 hour tour just to get her and bring her back home with them. When the neighbors saw the gigantic "diamond" bling, they knew that the diva dog must have it.

Washing paws...

We've started washing Maddoxx's paws every night in an effort to get her to stop chewing her feet! I walked in yesterday and found Eric's hands in the water with her. When I asked her what in the world he was doing, he promtly said, "If Maddoxx has to wash her paws, I will too." :) She handles it pretty well in that she doesn't try to jump out while her paws are soaking, but her face says it all....she's not real fond of the experience!
So we're not sure if she has allergies, yeast or a nervous habit forming. We're soaking her feet in oatmeal and aloe and we've changed her food. Anybody have any other ideas what we can do for her?!?! Her red paws really stand out against her white fur!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The big win!

Here are the final seconds and the celebration!

So tired....

I think this video of tired Maddoxx is hilarious! She just didn't know what to do with herself since she didn't get any sleep in the truck. She tries to close her eyes halfway through the video until her grandma moves and keeps her awake. She definitely has a rough life!

Iowa Superbowl

Saturday was the Iowa Superbowl! That's right Iowa and Iowa State faced off and we had a great time at the tailgate! It was an adventure to say the least! We had planned to wake up early on Saturday to get ourselves to the party.....until we made a rash decision at 10:30 on Friday night. That's right we packed the truck and camped in line in the truck Friday night in an effort to get a great spot for tailgating. For those of you not around here, the temperature was in the 30's Friday night!!! Brrrrrr!!! And we slept in the truck! My parents, Maddoxx (she hated the adventure we took her on) and us aren't quite sure why we made the decision we did, but once we were there, there was no turning back!

Yes, that's frost! We were outside as the frost formed. As sunrise got closer it seemed to continue to colder and colder!

Thank goodness for the generator and coffee pot we brought along! Even Maddoxx had to be layered. Poor thing she was so cold! This was one of the few times she was on the ground, we had to hold her most of time. If she could talk she would use one word to describe it....miserable. :)

Some of us lasted longer than others!

We has a GREAT time! Of course, the margarita machine was once again the life of the party! We can't wait for Iowa to be here again in two years! Thanks for coming down mom and dad, we had a blast! GO CLONES!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I love 3 day weekends!

Every weekend should be a 3 day weekend! We had a great Labor Day relaxing at the lake this weekend! Maddoxx found her new best friend...Layla! Every hyper dog really needs a 2 year old all the time and every 2 year old needs a hyper dog around all the time. They were a match made in heaven! Thank you Layla for keeping Maddoxx so busy, she loved it and can't wait to see you again! On top of having a perfect playmate, Maddoxx also got to have a slumber party with her grandma and grandpa everynight....can a dogs life get any better?!?!?
Until the next 3 day weekend...