Monday, March 29, 2010

Ringing in the 30's!


Wow, we can hardly believe it, but our 20's are almost behind us and our 30's are nipping at our heals! Eric only has about 5 hours left of his 20's!

We started ringing in his golden birthday...30 on the 30th a little early. If you've been reading our blog for a awhile you might remember the last time I tried to make Eric a birthday cake and I consulted google. :) Google told me I could take a cake mix and a can of pop and have myself a perfect cake. Well, yes it worked, but I wanted something much better for his golden birthday!


I contacted Lindsey Long from City Cakes and she totally saved my butt! I ordered a strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting....YUM!!! She has a whole list of flavors and desserts, but I knew strawberry cake would have Eric drooling....and I was right!

She even surprised me when I picked it up with 4 adorable cupcakes so we could indulge a little early! How rockstar is that?? Seriously, just put your pans away, turn your oven off and email Lindsey at lindseyllong {at} and she will hook you up!


We can hardly wait to dive into the cake tomorrow!

Happy Birthday Eric!! I am so excited that we have spent all of our 20's together and I can hardly wait to see what is in store with us in our 30's! I love you and am so thankful you are part of my life every day!!

P.S. Wondering why we have been MIA from the blog? I have SOOOO many pictures of what we have been up to and I do plan on updating the blog with what's been going on! Stay tuned!

P.S.S or is it P.P.S? And yes, that is a 10x20 print hanging on our wall of Maddoxx! :) We are dog crazy, it's true!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby AJ

I promised more images of Cohen and AJ and here's to following up on my promise! We were soooooo excited to find out that Cohen was going to be a big brother and we were even more excited to be able to meet little AJ!

I could not (and still cannot) get over how much of a mini-me AJ is of his big brother! SERIOUSLY! It totally felt like deja vu.
I love little AJ's tiny hands wrapped around his daddy's fingers....and I'm fairly certain AJ has done a very good job of making sure his daddy and mommy are totally wrapped around his finger! :) (See exhibit below)

Wouldn't you agree? :)

If this image is any indication of years to come, I think they are going to be the best of friends!

I cannot believe that we first met Cohen when he was 6 months old and now look at him!! Such a handsome little guy!

Cohen and AJ - What fun it was to see and meet you! I know Eric loved playing legos and b-ball with you Cohen! AJ, you made my heart melt...more than once! You two are such sweet little boys and we love that we are able to capture these moments in your life!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


There is no denying these 2 are brothers!

Cohen at 6 months old back in 2008...

AJ at 2 months old in 2010...

They even do the same squishy lip thing-a-ma-jig!!! When AJ started doing it, I about tipped over!

More to come of these 2 cuties! Stay tuned!

Deena and Josh...

are the most laid back, sweet, and completely IN LOVE couple in the universe....seriously! We had such a great time hanging out and capturing their overflowing love for one another.

We can hardly wait for their wedding day...although we are a bit concerned that we will never be able to get them to tear their eyes off one another long enough to look at the camera! There is going to be a lot of this...

Or this...

Likely, a whole 'lotta this...

They are such a beautiful couple and would not stop doing the cutest things...
(see, I told you!)

We made it outside for some cute snuggly shots too...

Deena and Josh - You guys rock! We loved spending time with you and capturing all the love you share! You two are so sweet not only to one another, but so sweet to us! We cannot wait for your wedding day and to share in your special day with you!

Monday, March 1, 2010

T-shirt sale!


What??? That's right we are having a t-shirt sale!! Weird right? We're photographers, not t-shirt designers. Well....sometimes we need to step outside the box and do something a little different.

Want to know a little secret about Eric? He likes to draw. Give him a piece of paper and pen...yes, I said pen (hey, I never said he was normal...he likes to draw with a pen, not a pencil) and he will have drawings all over a piece of paper complete with shading...he loves to shade objects.


Anyway, it was time to make KandE Productions t-shirts for the upcoming softball season so Eric took a little different approach to drawing this time and drew with his mouse in photoshop and came up with the little diddy on the t-shirt! Fun huh?

We love the t-shirts so much we wanted to offer a little t-shirt sale so you can have a little piece of Eric's artwork too! Buy a sweet KandE Productions t-shirt and get some free prints on your next session with us!

HURRY! Our order is due to the printer by this Friday, so you don't have much time! Get going to the ordering site here.
PASSWORD: tshirt

These t-shirts are AWESOME and oh so soft and comfy. Nope, they aren't Hanes t-shirts with a vinyl way! These are super soft and comfy American Apparel t-shirts in Galaxy Blue complete with a white screen printed logo and text.

What color is galaxy blue? It's super sweet! I would describe it as the perfect happy medium between teal and navy...have no fear it's not super bright, just a nice beautiful darker blue. LOVE!