Friday, November 28, 2008

Hey Black Friday party people!!!

The day is here!! Who's awake? Come on, it's time to get a nice hot cup of joe and hit the road!
KandE us, text us....let us know where to go!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dean family...

I know I have talked a lot about cold sessions recently, but I'm going to go out on a limb this time and say this is definitely the coldest outdoor session yet! Whew! There was A LOT of talk about hot chocolate with this family!

I LOVE this image because the boys totally came up with this on their own. We love it when families get involved like this! They told me that they wanted to do a huddle and then go out for a pass...right on! Huddle up boys! You guys are awesome!

How cute are these kids?!?! I can definitely work in the cold anyday when we can get kids to cuddle like this! Absolutely adorable!

Have you noticed the boys' rockstar haircuts yet? I am a total fan! I'm not sure how long they will stay around as it was done for the state football tournament, but if it were up to me, I would say they were here to stay!

Check this out....hey Dean's, betcha didn't know we got any of just the 2 of you huh?!?! We're sneaky like that...

Dean family - Thanks for keeping the session hopping and hanging outside for as long as you did! You are a bunch of tough cookies! Oh yeah, and I'm still trying to get over what a small world we discovered it is! We'll be in touch soon!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Big day in our house...

somebody is celebrating their 1st birthday on Tuesday!!

Little Punk is ONE!! Holy cow - after all we have been through with him it seems like he HAS to be at least 5! I can't believe he's only been a part of our family for 10 months! Whoa! (His "gotcha" day is in January.) Good times in our house!

We can't imagine our life without the little guy being part of it. He definitely makes us laugh on a daily mostly revolves around the fact that we can't believe how dumb he is! I'm for real...Maddoxx is very smart, and I had NO idea that a dog could be equally as dumb.

Punk has no clue that there are dangerous things in this world. Case in point...check out the video:

Thank goodness Penny just happens to be Punk's girlfriend (no worries, all parties involved have been fixed) and she is SO VERY tolerant of Punk because he has no clue that he should be afraid of a 50 lb. dog as compared to his 2.1 lb. self. Ay, yi, yi...

Happy 1st Birthday Punk!! Let's hope this next year is a tad (ALOT) more healthy than the last!

(Punk is accepting any and all puppy treats on his birthday, we are hoping to get him to 2.5 lbs. before long!)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kuhl family...

What fun it was to see this family again!! The last time we saw them was their wedding 2 years ago and we were the videographers. We were so excited when they contacted us and let us know they had a baby and wanted us to capture their family of 3 with photography this time around!! We always love to hear what the couples are up to after their wedding and this news was so fun to hear!

Meet Cali...

She is 4 months old and is just so tiny! When we got to their house she was still napping. She was so happy despite the fact that not only did she have to wake up, but she had to wake up to 2 new faces in the house too! How sweet is this of daddy and Cali?!?! Love it!

This next one makes me laugh so hard! I LOVE the look Cali is directing towards her dad! Isn't it priceless?!?! I have a feeling that there is a lot more where that comes from!

Check it out...we got brave! We all got bundled up and headed outside. Totally loving little Miss Cali in her coat!

Kuhl family - Thank you for having us back to capture your family and sharing Cali with us! It was so fun to catch up again, it's amazing how quickly 2 years can fly by!! I LOVED Cali's machine gun noises....hilarious!!

Clayton family...

we met this family at their house. They have a gorgeous porch that my camera was begging to take pictures of, but unfortunately mother nature had another idea for was just too cold for any porch time. Hopefully next time around we'll be able to make that work! It didn't take me long to get over the porch when I walked in their beautiful welcoming, warm and cozy, completed by the voice one year old Will.

Will is such a ham with a particular liking for hats. OK, "like" is not the right term, Will LOVES his hats! He knows exactly how to flip them on and off too, it is just a hoot to watch! Here was the favorite during the session...see Will in the background?

It wasn't long before we were off to the Botanical Center. Will got a little cat nap in on the drive and was ready to rock and roll once we got inside.

He was so funny about his smiles. He'd give us a BIG smile and a half second later he was serious again. It was so stinking funny to watch him do it over and over again!

Clayton family - Thank you for inviting us to your home to capture your family! Will is pure sweetness and I wish our time didn't go so fast. We wish him the happiest first birthday! I hope he has a blast diving into his cake! :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kristopher {Class of 2009}

We traveled to their log cabin in Winterset to capture this senior. Wow, what a beautiful and perfect setting! I know we only heard a few stories about them and their home and all the goodies that go along with it, but I wish we could have heard more! We loved hanging out, traveling the countryside and hearing all about your life!

Kris had already scoped some areas out and this is one of them...a suspension bridge! I admit, I was screaming like a girl once I got on the bridge and it started moving...I'm telling you, it was MOVING!! I was happy to let Eric take Kris across and let them do their thing. I stayed on solid ground and smiled from a distance. :)

The location was awesome and the light was even better! Loving it!

One of Kris' hobbies is riding dirt bikes. We captured him in his full gear and then had him RIDE! It was totally sweet and I kept cheering for "1 more jump, 1 more jump!"

Peggy, Kris and Manny "the cat handler" - What a joy! We could have stayed around talking for hours! We enjoyed every minute of our adventure with you! Kris, your jumps did freak me out but it was so fun to watch you catch so much air! Manny, you rocked the cat handling! I am still cracking up when you tried to pick up the one by the bike :)

Too much computer time?

I'm not sure, but I think this next story indicates we have spent a bit too much time on the computer in the last few weeks!

Eric is going through some paperwork right now and he dropped a sheet of paper. Want to guess what his first thought was?? Are you ready for this?

"Ctrl + z" (Yes, he really admitted this to me!) hehehehe

For those of you who use keyboard shortcuts, you will understand that to mean "undo". Yes, ladies and gentlemen, his first thought was a keyboard shortcut to undo what had done. ...there was nothing electronic about what he was was just going through paperwork!

Yes, I think this means we have spent a tiny bit too much time attached to the computer!

His conversation with me is continuing as I type...he is now talking about going on vacation - "Ctrl +S" Yes, save that! Or transporting himself to someplace warm "Ctrl + x" then "Ctrl + v". For those not into keyboard shortcuts, that is cut and paste. :)

I think he might be losing this man get a grip! No!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Larson family

Holy moly these boys are mini me's of eachother! Little brother Blake has definitely learned a few things from his brother Riley! Mom says he has even more spunk than Riley...these boys take "busy" to the next level! I love how this image captures their family and never having a dull moment!

Check out their eyes! HELLO blue!

Well, it's all fun and games until the little one falls IN the lake! Yes, we had a "first" happen during this session. The setting was so idealic and perfect...until disaster happened! Blake got a little too close and he fell right in! Good thing his mom was one step ahead of us and had a change of clothes all ready to go!

Check it would have never known we had a lake mishap right before this shot if I didn't let you in on the little secret. :) But on top of that I think that image takes priceless to a new level! I love Riley sticking his tongue out and check out Blake drooling!! Hilarious...just another day in the life of having 2 boys! You can never predict what will happen next!

Larson family - I know you are excited to see the sneak peak...hope you enjoyed! As always, it is great to get together with you guys! I cannot believe Blake is already walking, no, I take that back, running!! It seems like just yesterday I was taking pictures of him at your house as a newborn!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Peterson family

braved the cool October temps and brought the family (including Annie the lab) for a family session!

We walked ALL around the park and scaled the hills....once, but I think Annie managed to lap us at least 3 times over. She was a happy camper in the wide open spaces!

And even happier when she emerged from the lake half black! Check it out, she even caught something on her tail!

Little Miss Charlie arrived in her super warm and comfy pajama bottoms...I admit I was a bit jealous and was wishing I had those on too! After a quick wardrobe change we were ready to rock and roll.

Charlie was in control and she got to choose the direction and places we stopped at. :) She was a big fan of her mom's arms, so let's just say this girl got loaded up with candy for keeping her feet on the ground. :) hehe!! I don't think she needs to go trick-or-treating this year, I think her sugar levels will stay spiked for awhile!

Peterson family - It was so fun to hang out (despite the chill!) Charlie was such a sweetie and I loved listening to her talk to Annie...those little voices get me everytime! The sparkle that came out in her eye for the candy was just hilarious! We can't wait to see you next time in the country!

Sleeper family

I called this family "the house divided" when I saw them all in a different football jersey. Funny how the color matters more to a 4 year old than the team, which was the case for Noah. :) (Looks like dad is teaching Noah a thing or two about the game!)

This is definitely the time of year to include the family pets in the shoot! I came heavily armed with dog treats to get them wrapped around my finger...but they were so good that I totally forgot I had pockets full of treats until they were ready to leave!

Noah was game for anything! He went along with every suggestion we had...he was a rockstar! Then we asked him what he thought about having the adults take the sidewalk and us climbing the big hill and having a "no adults allowed" photo shoot with him...he was ALL for it! Surprise mom and dad, check out what we captured during the secret shoot!

I love this image of discovery. Do you see the little lady bug that landed on Noah's finger? He is quite interested in it! I love how intensely he is looking at it...such a curious boy!

Sleeper family - what a perfect day we had for your session! You all (including the dogs!) were such a joy to be around! Noah did GREAT and did a fabulous job of putting up with my "one more shot" promise when all he wanted to do was get to the playground. He practiced some very good patience skills with me keeping him from his ultimate goal!

Thomas {Class of 2009}

The weather tried to keep this session from happening...we said no way! We found the long johns, stocking caps and gloves and we were good to go! We as in Eric and I...Thomas didn't have the luxury of the get-up we were able to wear...he was kicking it like it was 70 degrees out. Yeah, it was only in the 40s!!

Thomas is a budding pilot who almost has his full pilot's license! He's almost ready to fly SOLO!! Wait, I'm not sure you heard me....S..O..L..O!! Whoa!
We were talking about how I don't think I could go up in the plane's he's been flying, they are just a bit too tight of quarters for my liking! Then he said, "yeah, it's a little different experience. You actually feel the wind" Um, no way, you can definitely count me out of that experience!

But I was more than happy to capture all the excitement on the ground!

Thomas, Brian and Paul - It was so fun to meet you at the airport for this shoot! Thanks for teaching me all about this new world of aviation! We wish you the best on your final exam and future as a commercial pilot! Have fun flying the friendly skies!

Bennett family...

came out to hang out with us after their cousins (the Spies) were all done. I wish I could dress half as awesome as these guys do! Check out their get-up! Totally stylin'!! I definitely need to take some "cool" tips from these guys!

It wasn't long before we took them on the trails. We left mom behind and emerged later with some GREAT captures! Surprise mom! :)

I love this one because it reminds me of my brother and I picking on each other when we were younger. (Did I say younger? Who am I kidding, we still pick on eachother!) Check out the bunny ears in background...pesky brothers anyway!

Bennett family - what a blast it was to hang out with you and have you guys call each other out on your fake smiles. Thanks for having my back and letting me know about the faker in the group! But seriously, let me know when you're ready to do my fashion consultation...I'm all ears!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

McGill Family

Where do I start? What a true delight to hang out and capture your family! The cuteness factor of this image = OFF the charts! I love the big hug the kids have going on here!

I don't know what it is about this image, but I have fallen MADLY in love with it. The McGill family spends a lot of time on this river in the summer. We both agreed that we have absolutely no idea where this past summer went, but we know it went FAR too fast for our liking! I love how everyone is just doing their own thing, skipping rocks, hanging out, discovering...just doing what the McGill family does...hangs out on the river!

Here are a few close-ups of the adorable kiddos...

McGill family - what a beautiful day we had to capture your family playing in the leaves, running, hanging out and just being family! It was fun the first time around and a great surprise when we got to see you again for the friend pictures! There were so many more images I wanted to share in the sneak peak...I can't wait to get the gallery to you!

Smith family

This family has ALOT going on! Besides these 2 very busy little girls (grandma's girls), there are 2 more babies on the way!!

These cousins are only a couple of months apart in age and I loved how they acted just like sisters. It was so adorable! They had the kisses down and even threw in a few "love taps"...hehe!

I could not resist putting this one up here....Check out daddy taking the girls' wagon for a spin! When we saw this happening there was no way we could resist capturing it! What a hoot! I really love grandpa approving of the situation. Priceless!! (For those of you not here to witness it, the story ended when he realized he could not steer the wagon with the he about to go down a gigantic hill!)

Smith family - What excitement you have in your family! I still can't get over how close in age your kids' are! And that the next set will be just as close! I love it! What fun! Mary Lou, thank you for inviting us to your home. It was so fun to hear the story of your move...whoa! That is awesome!